About Gather25

Our Story

For over a decade, Jennie Allen has been inviting women from around the world to follow Jesus and to disciple others to do the same.

But in 2022, she began to wrestle with a question,

"What if Jesus came back in 10 years?”

Right now, there are 5.5 billion people on earth who don’t know Jesus. If we truly believed He was coming and coming soon, what would we do to reach them? What would the global Church be willing to do? Could 2.5 billion Christians on earth be mobilized to share the Gospel?

With this renewed urgency and vision, Jennie assembled a team. Throughout 2023, this group began to dream about what a gathering of the global Church - every man, woman, and child who follows Jesus - could look like, and Gather25 was born. It wasn’t just Jennie’s vision; it was the shared vision of many Jesus followers. It was clear that God was speaking to leaders across different streams about the next 10 years of the Church.

Major partners began to step in. The Gather25 team began visiting each continent to build relationships and explore possibilities. Then, in February of 2024, the first invitation went out to the 100,000+ women of IF:Gathering.

Gather25 is not just another event or church conference. The mission is critical. The vision is bold. And the necessity is clear: it will take all of us to bring Gather25 to life.

Gather25 is the biggest group project that you will ever be a part of! We need leaders, ministries, and everyday people to make it happen. If this will truly be a gathering of the global Church, then that means we need YOU to be a part of it. Gather25 is big, but it’s also small: personal invitations to friends, sharing the vision with your pastors, and gathering our small communities wherever we are.

Start dreaming about how you can gather your people: check out the Gather25 Overview here.

This is our story and this is our time. This is all for the glory of God. This is Gather25.

Are you in? Tell us here.

Want to hear the vision from Jennie? Watch the video below.