The Global Church Gathering Together Like Never Before

Every continent. Every denomination. Together across 25 hours.

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What will happen at Gather25? Prayer. Worship. Repentance. Commissioning.

Imagine a global family. Imagine hearing the stories of God’s power across the earth. Imagine worshipping with a great multitude of Jesus followers: live from Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia - gathered together for one global gathering with one goal: to go and make disciples of all people.

Ways to Gather

Gather Group

Gather25 will be hosted by Gather Groups, all over the world. A Gather Host (could be you!) will facilitate the place and technology needed to host a group of Jesus-believers who will be able to tune in to Gather25.

Interested in hosting a Gather Group? Download our free Overview Guide here.

Stream Gather25

For anyone who wants to link in with the global Church independently, they will be able to do so via TV, online, and through radio. We will announce which channels Gather25 will be hosted on soon so that anyone who wants to can gather where they are.

Attend a Broadcast Site

In Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia, there will be one major broadcast site where attendees can gather in person for Gather25. The locations of these will be announced in Fall 2024.

  • Who will you invite?

It Won’t Be A Gathering of the Global Church Without YOU

Whether in a stadium, a church, a living room, or on your phone, there’s a way for you to be a part of Gather25.

Interested churches, ministries, or organizations: please complete this form.


Who, What, Where, When

  • Every Christian, from every denomination, from every continent.

  • 25 hours of prayer, worship, repentance, and commissioning

  • Gather Groups will be hosted around the world, allowing communities to experience Gather25 in-person with others. In addition, each continent will have a Live Broadcast Site where the live speaking, worship, and video originates from. For those unable to attend a Gather Group or Live Broadcast Site in-person, Gather25 will be broadcast on TV, internet, and radio. Want to know more?

Why Gather25?

There are 5.5 billion people on the planet who do not know Jesus. If we want to reach the whole world with the Gospel, we need to mobilize the global Church. We need the 2.5 billion Jesus followers to pray, to repent, to worship, and to be commissioned: sending us out to reach everyone we know. This is what Gather25 is all about.

Why now? Technology has connected in ways that were never before possible. Now is our opportunity to bring together Christians from every nation, every denomination, and every generation.

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It's going to take all of us

A number of global Christian organizations are collaborating with Gather25 to gather the entire global Church in 2025 for 25 hours of prayer, worship, repentance, and commissioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through live-streaming technology, the Global Church will connect together for prayer, worship, repentance and commissioning. Each continent will host a portion of the 25 hours. There will be stories told of what God is doing on each continent. There will be powerful times of worship. And there will be a worldwide “sending out” of the workers to the harvest.

Gather25 will take place on Saturday, March 1, 2025. However, because the gathering is 25 hours long and because time zones vary greatly, the start time for many countries will begin the night before (on February 28).

In the coming months, a schedule will be released. This will allow everyone to understand how Gather25 will take place in their specific time zone.

In Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America, there will be 1 major location to host Gather25 and stream its speakers and content to the whole world (...don’t worry, Australia! There will be live content from your continent as well). Gather Broadcast Sites will be announced in coming months.

The vast majority of Gather25 will take place in Gather Groups. A Gather Group is a local gathering, organized by a Host individual/ministry, to invite their community to experience Gather25 together in-person. These may happen in church buildings, in living rooms, or other venues. If you’re interested and want to know more about hosting a Gather Group, you can sign up now to receive future information.